Math is hard. People with disabilities matter

When I first started advocating for web accessibility in design and development projects I was drawn to the argument that accessibility wasn’t about people with disabilities, but rather about people, and that designing to meet the needs of people with disabilities would improve things for everyone.Continue reading “Math is hard. People with disabilities matter”

Technology Accessibility Quality Measures

What can we learn from healthcare quality initiatives to help us make progress in improving the quality of the technology we rely on for our health and well-being, focusing specifically on measures related to accessibility for people with disabilities?Continue reading “Technology Accessibility Quality Measures”

Radio buttons define us. Let’s make better tech

Northampton, Mass is the most gender-diverse community I have ever lived in. It is also a small city with a big and diverse live music scene. The surrounding Pioneer Valley has been home to bands and musicians like Arlo Guthrie, Dinosaur Jr, and Erin McKeown.Continue reading “Radio buttons define us. Let’s make better tech”

Eating Alone

Where did you go
when I had my back turned
and my hands in the sink,
washing the dishes we dirtied
on this evening of excess,
and you said my soup made your groin
ache and your chin tremble, and
I leaned forward, laughing,
and put my hand on your arm,
then I stood to collect the plates,
stacking them up my arm like
a row of buttons, and you remained
seated until halfway through washing the pile
of dishes, I was alone again, and my
gut turned cold and mean and began to
eat itself for spite because I realized
I had just dined on soup from a can
and you were never there at all.

Organizations, accessibility, and change

In the past years I’ve often found myself in the role of change agent — someone responsible for advancing new ways of doing things. It’s the most challenging role I’ve ever held, and I’ve reflected quite a bit on what works and what doesn’t. Continue reading “Organizations, accessibility, and change”

Year in Review: A Web for Everyone and Accessible UX

It’s been a year since I made the leap from higher education to a job in accessibility at The Paciello Group, or TPG as we are more commonly known. Here in my anniversary post I reflect on some of the good stuff that’s happened this past year.Continue reading “Year in Review: A Web for Everyone and Accessible UX”