Eating Alone

Where did you go
when I had my back turned
and my hands in the sink,
washing the dishes we dirtied
on this evening of excess,
and you said my soup made your groin
ache and your chin tremble, and
I leaned forward, laughing,
and put my hand on your arm,
then I stood to collect the plates,
stacking them up my arm like
a row of buttons, and you remained
seated until halfway through washing the pile
of dishes, I was alone again, and my
gut turned cold and mean and began to
eat itself for spite because I realized
I had just dined on soup from a can
and you were never there at all.

2 thoughts on “Eating Alone

  1. I see:
    Infelicitous portent, promised by the title,
    flowing to memories,
    full, sweet~bitter …
    Something lost, confounded …

    A question, also offering promises,
    answers, tangible knowledge,
    resolution~hope …

    Coming to the end, the truth,
    memories of moments lost,
    distant~gone …
    Beyond redemption.

    Lovely. Thank you from the remarkable and unexpected diversion from late night studies on accessible design. And for the warning … to not become too distracted with my digressions (my internalization).


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